Peel-&-Stick Thermal Acoustic Barrier Material

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TABshield’s standard triple-layer design is specially-engineered to target excess heat and noise without the weight and BSR often associated with traditional, solid metal stamped shields. The TABshield base construction features a durable, aluminum foil facing, ceramic/PET blend insulation core, and general-purpose high-bond pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.

TABshield Features

  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Conformable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Meets Automotive OEM Specifications

TABshield Benefits

  • Targeted Applications
  • No Tight-Space Limitations
  • Lower Tooling Costs for Custom Die-Cutting
  • Bends/Fits Around Existing Surfaces
  • Noise & Heat Suppression in One

TABshield is available in several standard configurations and can be purchase as rectangular patches or in 48” x 200LF rolls. TABshield can also be customized with the following:

    • Low-Surface Energy (LSE) adhesive backing for difficult to bond to surfaces
    • All-fiberglass insulation core / High-performance adhesive for extended high temperature applications
    • Aluminum embossing / microperforating for enhanced conformability and sound reduction
    • Easy-peel pull tabs for more efficient liner removal during installation

Applications for TABshield

Engine shields • Tunnel/Dash Insulators • Under-hood Protection • Engine Compartments • Exhaust Shields • Marine • Appliance • HVAC • More

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