Thermal Management Solutions & Custom Die-Cutting

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Are you looking for lightweight custom-made components for targeted thermal management?

What about fixing temperature hot-spots post design and production?

Whether we're talking about a car, ATV, or a gas-powered generator, they all generate a great deal of unwanted heat. And how do we shield temperature-sensitive components, driver calves, and passenger cabins from this excess heat?

Traditional bolt-on metal heat shielding has been the answer for decades, but

Metal heat shielding is

    • Bulky
    • Requries bolts/welds for application
    • Heavy
    • Difficult to form into custom shapes
    • Expensive

Over the last 30 years, JBC Technologies has perfected our custom die-cutting capabilities and strengthened our working knowledge of thermal management materials. Ceramic insulation, aluminum tapes, thin metal foils, and even specialty pressure-sensitive adhesives. All with one goal:

Provide our customers with custom-made, lightweight, precision die-cut heat shielding components made using the world's best performance thermal management materials.

TABshield Thermal/Acoustic Barrier • Insulated Aluminum • Embossing/Microperforating • Hot-Melt Adhesive Coated Aluminum • Needle Glass Mats • Fiberglass Paper • Synthetic Blankets • Insulating Tapes • Flexible Graphite

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