Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Product Announcement from jbj Techniques Limited

• 'Long life' aluminium core
• 20 bar working pressure
• Single phase 230 V AC 50 Hz
• Three phase 230/400 V AC 50/60 Hz 12 - 24 V
• Hydraulic Gr.1 - Gr.2 - Gr.3
• Cooling capacity up to 2.75 kW/°C
• Flow rate 5 to 520 l/min
• Optional: fixed thermostat gauged as per request or adjustable thermostat 0:120°

Oils or fluids are cooled by forcing air through the cooling elements. A wide range of highly efficient models are available, all produced from the highest quality materials to produce an efficient and robust cooling product.

The KBV - HPV series has been developed to include an integrated bypass valve to eleviate the need to add external independent valve. High efficiency guaranteed!

A range of air/air/oil heat exchangers with capacities of up to 110 kW are built to standard specs as well as to specific dimensional and thermal customer requirements.