Anti-static / flame proof couplings

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ATEX certificated to Directive 2014/34/EU  II2GD-IM2-TX  -50°C ≤ Service Temp ≤ +105°C
Harmonised Standards: BS EN 1127:1  BS EN 13463:1  BS EN 13463:5  BS EN 50303

For use within hazardous areas ATEX compliant 'JXL' torsionally resilient couplings, of pin and bush design, comprise two fully machined steel flanges which are coupled via a series of drive pins and 'hytrel' flexible elements. The elements have the ability to absorb shock loads and dampen vibration.

The couplings do not produce static and do not sustain burning. Maximum shaft diameters up to 400 mm with torques of 300,000 Nm and speeds upto 11,000 rpm can be accommodated.

JXL couplings are capable of accepting a momentary overload of twice nominal torque and have an operating temperature range of -50°C to +105°C.

Selection notes and service factors found on this page (link)


Also available are engine bellhousing and 'JXL' anti-static, flameproof flywheel couplings.

ATEX certificated to Directive 2014/34/EU II2GD-IM2-TX  -50°C ≤ Service Temp ≤ +105°C. Harmonised Standards BS EN 1127:1, BS EN 13463:1, BS EN 13463:5, BS EN 50303, BS EN 1834-1, BS EN 1834-3

All JXL couplings are capable of accepting a momentary overload of twice nominal torque.

During operation bellhousings and JXL couplings do not generate heat therefore operational surface temperature will depend on the temperature of mating components and surroundings. Refer to BS EN 13463:1 9.3.2 f)
Equipment ‘T’ class or maximum temperature (T max) to be determined by machine builder.