Multiple power take off or dual drive input?

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Mechanical power transmission from prime mover split to multiple outputs.

Or create a dual drive system connecting a back-up motor to power equipment?

Splitter gearboxes / multiple power take-offs (PTOs) are available in a number of mounting formats with various increasing and decreasing ratios.

Maximum input torques up to 5,600 Nm can be accepted as standard whilst higher powers can be accommodated by the use of oil cooling.

All units can be supplied with either hydraulically or mechanically actuated clutch. For remote operation a complete range of electromagnetic clutches are available.

jbj Techniques can also offer specialist design and manufacture for multiple pump drive gearboxes outside of the standard range.

Specialist design, such as dual drive hybrid arrangements where an electric motor on first input and a hydraulic motor on the second input back drive through the gearbox to a single output shaft which in turn reduces emissions.

Multiple pump drives offer the ability to close couple up to 8 pumps from a single input and are available with a variety of mounting formats and ratios.

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