Safety Wet Mount Bellhousing Assembly

Featured Product from jbj Techniques Limited

Sizzling seals sorted by super special shaft soaking system - Wet Mount Bellhousing Assembly.
Electric motor to hydraulic pump bellhousing assemblies capable of maintaining pump shaft seal temperatures at the exacting levels required within hazardous area environments.
Designed for use within the most arduous of environments, jbj Techniques Limited now offer pump to electric motor mounting arrangements specifically designed for use within hazardous areas, where high temperatures can be generated by hydraulic pump shaft seals.

The operating requirements of many hydraulic systems where changes in flow and pressure are demanded can cause pulsation of the shaft seal, which in turn can lead to the external surface of the seal to rise in temperature, in some instances sufficiently high enough to become a potential ignition source.

The wet mount assembly design provided by jbj Techniques comprise an integral oil reservoir which, when supplied with a cooling flow of oil will maintain the surface temperature of the pump shaft seal at an acceptable level. The reservoir can be of varying sizes depending on application requirements. The design is suitable for either horizontal or vertical mounting positions and also incorporates a port for a temperature monitoring device.

Available for electric motor frame sizes from D132 – D355, (5.5 kW – 400 kW), bellhousings and couplings are certified to current Atex directive 2014/34/EU- II2GD-IM2-TX.