AS1895/7 and AS1895/23 seals

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Safety is the most critical requirement associated with aircraft, aircraft engines, and airframes. Sealing components operate in extreme environments of high temperature and high pressure. Additional demands related to constant vibration, friction, and exposure to corrosive chemicals require seals that can sustain long-life and dependability while maintaining peak performance to strict operating guidelines.

JETSEAL, an industry leader in resilient metal seals, provides sealing solutions for aircraft, space, and other industries demanding absolute dependability in quality, reliability, and performance.

AS1895 metal seal rings are available in both the AS1895/7 and AS1895/23 profiles. JETSEAL supplies the full range of AS1895 seal ring sizes from -100 to -750.

JetSeal produces all of its products to the certified quality requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D and is NADCAP approved for welding.

Contact Us if you would like more specifics on AS1895 seal profiles, sizes and pricing.

AS1895/7 Series         AS1895/23 Series

AS1895/7-100             AS1895/23-100
AS1895/7-125             AS1895/23-125
AS1895/7-150             AS1895/23-150
AS1895/7-175             AS1895/23-175
AS1895/7-200             AS1895/23-200
AS1895/7-225             AS1895/23-225
AS1895/7-250             AS1895/23-250
AS1895/7-275             AS1895/23-275
AS1895/7-300             AS1895/23-300
AS1895/7-325             AS1895/23-325
AS1895/7-350             AS1895/23-350
AS1895/7-400             AS1895/23-400
AS1895/7-450             AS1895/23-450
AS1895/7-500             AS1895/23-500
AS1895/7-550             AS1895/23-550
AS1895/7-600             AS1895/23-600
AS1895/7-650             AS1895/23-650
AS1895/7-700             AS1895/23-700
AS1895/7-750             AS1895/23-750

Parts are available in convenient order sizes from 50 pieces to 5, 000 pieces. Please call for pricing and availability or fill out the Application Data Sheet (PDF) and Quote Request Form.

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