Aerospace Sensor Pass-Through

Featured Product from JETSEAL, Inc.

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JETSEAL has designed its patented Sensor Pass-Through for use in the aviation industry. Designed to fit in smaller space envelopes common in aero turbine environments, these efficient units can accommodate up to 105 wires by adding additional tiers. Our smallest profile measures 1.34” (34mm) in diameter by 0.35” (9mm) high and holds 12 senor wires. The 1.3” (33mm) and 2.0” (52mm) diameter sizes can accommodate from 10 to 105 wires. The recommended maximum sensor wire diameter is 0.07” (1.8mm). It is capable of zero leakage up to 850° F (450° C) and 500 psi (40 bar). Custom designs are available to fit specific application requirements.

JETSEAL’s patented Multi-Sensor Pass-Through quickly and easily passes multiple sensor wires, thermocouples, pressure tubes, fiber optic cables, or electrical cables through a pressure vessel or test rig quickly and easily for a leak tight fit. Eliminate long cure times of cement or epoxies, or having to stuff packing materials or thread wire through individual holes in multiple components.

The Sensor Pass-Through:

  • Requires no time-consuming threading of sensor wires or tubes through individual holes.
  • Superior design ensures a low leak rate with each use.
  • Accepts thermocouples with connectors.
  • Eliminates the need for hole plugs in unused ports.
  • Prevents crushing to failure sensor wires, pressure tubes, or thermocouples.
  • Accommodates customization for different connection methods and changes in the number of wires or tubes.
  • Permits quick replacement of broken sensor wires or tubes without disturbing other wires.
  • Contains no sharp edges to damage sensor wires or tubes.
  • Compatible with solid metal jacketed sensor wire or tubing.
  • Not for use with braided wire jacketed sensors.

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