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Metal C-Seal - cost-effective solution

Featured Product from JETSEAL, Inc.

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JETSEAL manufactures a superior quality, cost-effective solution that is available in various cross-sections and virtually any diameter and material. We offer C-Seal configurations in the circular ring and rectangular forms, both customizable to your specifications.

C-Seals are produced in the highest standards of quality, with all critical features closely controlled to ensure that optimum performance is consistently obtained. The sealing surfaces are polished using an innovative JETSEAL process to ensure continuous sealing contact, giving excellent performance in both standard cavities and in cases where dynamic separation occurs.

Operating Conditions:

  • Operating pressure range:   Vacuum (1E-10 torr.) to 60,000 psi
  • Functional temperature range:   Cryogenic to 1400°F  (760°C)
  • Typical leakage rate:   1E-8 sccs He/mm circ.

Metallic Options:

  • Alloy 718 (AMS 5596, 5589,5662)
  • Alloy X-750 (AMS 5598, 5582, 5667)
  • Waspaloy (AMS 5544, 5706, 5586, 5708)
  • Other metallic options are available

Plating/Coating Options:

  • Silver (AMS 2410, 2411)
  • Tin (ASTM B545)
  • Nickel (AMS 2403, 2424, QQ-N-290)
  • Gold (Mil-G 45204)
  • PTFE (AMS 2515)