Metal E-Seal

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E-Seals are designed for low to moderate force conditions and high spring back. JETSEAL manufactures two standard types of metal E-Seals, the JE series and JH series. We offer E-Seals capable of sealing both liquids and gases in almost any diameter and in single or two-ply cross section. E-Seals are also available as Multi-Convolution Seals.

JE series E-Seals are intended for sealing hot combustion gas and aggressive acid or base liquids. JH series E-Seals require higher loads to compress than JE series seals. JH series E-Seals generate higher sealing contact stresses allowing platings or coatings to fill surface imperfections, thereby creating a more effective seal.

Leakage rates for split style Multi-Convolution Seals are improved by incorporating a Non-Welded Slip Joint Cover in flange applications that experience large radial growth due to thermal cycling.

JETSEAL’s patented Slip Joint reduces leakage to the smallest effective value at the seal's split line and eliminates part failure due to cracked slip joint cover welds.

JETSEAL's Non-Welded Slip Joint also eliminates the potential for foreign object damage (FOD) from failure if traditional welded slip joint covers.

Operating Conditions:

  • Operating pressure range:  Vacuum (1E-10 torr.) to 10,000 psi
  • Functional temperature range:  Cryogenic to 1300°F (704°C)
  • Typical leakage rate:  1E-3 sccs He/mm circ.

Metallic Options:

  • Alloy 718 (AMS 5596, 5589,5662)
  • Alloy X-750 (AMS 5598, 5582, 5667)
  • Waspaloy (AMS 5544, 5706, 5586, 5708)
  • Other metallic options are available

Plating/Coating Options:

  • Silver (AMS 2410, 2411)
  • Tin (ASTM B545)
  • Nickel (AMS 2403, 2424, QQ-N-290)
  • Gold (Mil-G 45204)
  • PTFE (AMS 2515)
  • Plasma/HVOF wear coatings


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