0.5-18.0 GHz Solid-State RF Switches

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The 50S-1720 (1P2T), 50S-1721 (1P4T), and 50S-1722 (1P8T) are JFW's newest line of PIN-Diode RF switches. They boast an operating frequency from 0.5-18GHz, 50dB minimum isolation at 18 GHz, and a maximum switching speed of 100 nanoseconds. Their compact, self-terminating design makes them perfect for OEM and test applications where reliability, speed, or bandwidth is critical. SMA female connectors and TTL control are standard, but other configurations may be available upon request. For more information, Email JFW Sales.

Spec Sheet 50S-1720

Drawing 50S-1720

Spec Sheet 50S-1721

Drawing 50S-1721

Spec Sheet 50S-1722

Drawing 50S-1722

50S-1720 50S-1721 50S-1722 Switch Advertisement