40 GHz 1P2T Coaxial Switch with 2.9mm Female

Featured Product from JFW Industries, Inc.

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JFW model 50S-1772+XX is a failsafe electro-mechanical 1P2T coaxial switch for RF testing.  It operates DC-40 GHz and has 2.9mm female RF connectors.  It is rated for up to 10 Watts (cold switch) at 26.5-40 GHz.  It has a single control line which is Voltage controlled with either +12, +15, +24 or +28 Vdc.  With no control Voltage applied, the unit is failsafe from COM port to NC port (i.e. normally closed port).  With control Voltage applied, the unit will switch to path COM port to NO port (i.e. normally open port).