50S-1554 High Power Solid State Coaxial RF Switch

Featured Product from JFW Industries, Inc.

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Model 50S-1554 is a 50 Ohm solid-state reflective 1P2T RF switch operating 20-500 MHz. The RF power rating for this 1P2T is 150 Watts (cold switch) and 150 Watts (hot switch). The unused port is reflective. It is available with 50 Ohm RF connectors: SMA, TNC or N female. This 1P2T has one control line. The control line is activated with TTL signal levels.

JFW has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering high power RF switches for over 20 years. With our extensive line of high power solid-state RF switch models, JFW has solutions to fit your specific high power coaxial switch applications. If you need a coaxial T/R switch for high power hot switching, JFW's solid-state high power switches have the proven reliability that you demand.