MG-Series™ Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges

Product Announcement from JOGLER, Inc.

MG-Series™ Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges-Image

Jogler's MG-Series magnetic level indicator is a proven and cost effective method to accurately monitor and control liquid level requirements in any process environment. MG-series level indicators can be designed and installed on any tank or vessel for extreme operating conditions, low density, corrosive or hazardous materials.

All MG-series magnetic level indicators are comprised of a chamber, internal magnetic float and external indicator. The internal float, located within the chamber, maintains a constant magnetic circuit with the external indicator. As the float reacts to fluctuating liquid levels within the adjoining tank, the external indicator responds to the rising or falling motion of the float, which provides an indirect level indication of the tank.

The Chamber is non-ferrous and can be fabricated to any length up to 20 feet with a standard specification of 2.00 inch, Schedule 40. Larger diameter and higher rated chambers are available depending upon application requirements. Jogler's MG-series magnetic level chambers are fully rated to ASME B31.1 & B31.3 boiler and process piping codes.

The internal magnetic float is engineered and designed for the minimum density of the process media at the maximum operating conditions. Each float contains a rotating 360° magnetic assembly which is generates a strong and balanced magnetic circuit with the external indicator.

The external indicator is hermetically sealed and is available in Wide Flag or Single Tracker styles. Each indicator type contains its own magnetic assembly that is balanced with the internal float. This generates a strong magnetic circuit that ensures an accurate and constant level indication.

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