Sight Gauges: Simple, Reliable & Maintenance-free

Product Announcement from JOGLER, Inc.

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Sanitary Sight Gauges

Simple, Reliable, and Maintenance-free

Jogler level gauges are simple: the only components (not including mounting hardware) are the armored shield, the sight tubing, and two self-sealing Super-Seal inserts. These products are maintenance-free, because only the Teflon Super-Seal inserts and the borosilicate sight tubing are exposed to process fluids. Once the gauges are installed, they do not have to be removed and disassembled for inspection or cleaning. Standard shields are epoxy-coated carbon steel.

Model UFTS Tube-N-Tube Armored Flow Indicators (patented)PFA Teflon® Lined (patented)

• Approved by the Factory Mutual System
• Available in any length up to 72 inches
• Stock lengths are 8 and 12 inches
• Unobstructed visibility
• Patented one-piece SuperSeal inserts are self-sealing
• Wetted part is one-piece PFA Teflon®, flared over SuperSeal insert
• Available with sanitary fittings
• Reducing flanges and threaded end connections are available
• Designed for cryogenic and hot process applications
• Excellent for corrosive, viscous, or sanitary service
• Design is triple sealed and insulated
• Sight tube sleeve can be calibrated directly
• Custom designs available; consult factory
• Optional 304 or 316 SS construction
• ANSI Class 300 lb flanges available

Standard Construction:
• PFA Teflon® inner sight tube, one piece
• PTFE Teflon® SuperSeal inserts
• Borosilicate sight tube sleeve, standard or heavywall
• Polycarbonate or borosilicate outer sight tube
• Carbon steel shield and flanges, epoxy coated
• ANSI Class 150 lb flanges

Jogler, Incorporated is a Houston manufacturer of high quality liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators, magnetic level indicators and level controls.

Used extensively throughout all process industries, Jogler gauges are fabricated to exact customer specifications in a maintenance free design.

Jogler is celebrating 40 years of impeccable success with dedicated customer service and prompt deliveries of custom engineered products. Jogler's quality program is established from national ANSI/ASQC and international ISO-9001 guidelines.

Jogler, Inc., has as its goal to become the premier supplier in its industry.

List of Products:

Also download Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions

Armored Level Gauges
Operations Manual

Jogler Direct-Reading Level Gauges are the simplest, most reliable way to determine the level of liquid in a tank or vessel, because they give you a direct view without compromising the integrity of your process system.

Magnetic Level Gauges
Operations Manual

Jogler Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control liquid levels in any application. They are suitable for high temperature and/or pressure, full vacuum, low-specific gravity liquids, and more.

Specific Gravity Analyzers

Jogler Specific Gravity Analyzers (SGAs) are a dependable and accurate method for measuring and sampling process liquid levels in virtually any application.

Sight Flow Indicators
Operations Manual

Jogler Direct-Reading Flow Indicators are the simplest, most reliable way to observe liquid or solids flow without compromising the integrity of your piping system.

Sanitary Sight Gauges

Level Transmitters
Operations Manual

Jogler's MGT-6000 series level transmitter is the latest development in magnetostrictive level sensing technology which is designed exclusively for magnetic level gauges.

Jogler's LGT-6000 series level transmitter is the first magnetostrictive level sensor that is specifically designed for sight glass automation. The LGT-6000 contains a low profile waveguide that can be mounted internally into (wetted) or externally against (non-wetted) on most sight glass applications.

Jogler's ILT-6000 series level transmitter is the latest in magnetostrictive level sensing technology designed for direct tank or bridle insertion. The ILT- 6000 contains a low profile waveguide that is inserted into a waveguide sleeve and external float assembly.

Mission Statement: The mission of Jogler, Inc., is to furnish the highest quality level gauges, sight flow gauges and accessories available to its customers, while providing a safe, pleasant and secure work environment to its employees and adequate returns to its owners and investors.