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Watch>>>SIMASV Super T.40 Bending Press, Ring Forming

Digital Series Features Include:

  • Program and micrometer stroke adjusted through “Simplylogik” CNC control
  • Inch or millimeter measuring units
  • Precision positioning: +/- .003”
  • Forced lubrication through automatic electric pump
  • Stroke adjustments possible under maximum bending pressure, eliminating the need for test bends.
  • Operation in Manual, Semi-automatic, and Automatic modes
  • 35 key touch screen keyboard, 16x2 LED characters, programmable “X”-axis (stroke) and “Y”-axis (feed positioning) with 550 program storage capability
  • BENDING FUNCTION: (with die + punch) programming in degrees of the bending angle directly from CN, data setting punch, die, and material thickness
  • TUBE BENDING FUNCTION: programming in degrees of the bending angle directly from the CN
  • USB port for downloading programs on an external memory stick for saving and/or input data (optional)


Bending Presses
SIMASV became the first company to manufacture horizontal bending presses. Known for their flexibility and versatility, SIMASV presses are user-friendly and easy to maintain. A sturdy machine with a steel worktable, and hardened and ground steel carriage, SIMASV bending presses are specially designed for the execution of bends and shapes for flat, square, round bar, tubes or various profiles in iron, steel, and light metals and can be fitted with countless tools, making them suitable for use within many types of fabricating industries. They are an indispensable tool in a metalworker's shop where bending, straightening, blanking, punching, etc. needs to be carried out; as well as in factories where accurate production works are necessary. With over fifty years of experience in press bending, SIMASV offers a competitive product with constant technological advancements. Thousands of units have been sold throughout the world and the availability of spare parts for 20 years after the sale shows clear testimony to the remarkable quality and great lifespan of SIMASV bending presses and Simasv's commitment to the markets they serve.

What type of bending machine is right for me?

J&S Machine, Inc. is a premier distributor of SIMASV, Tre C, and YLM metal fabrication equipment with an emphasis in the areas of bending and cutting for a variety of industries. We provide complete turn key solutions ready to go into production when the machines arrive at our customer's facilities.

J&S Machine, Inc. provides complete R&D assistance, tooling design, testing, in house training and 24 hour service after the sale. Along with our suppliers we have 120 plus years of combined experience implementing and developing solutions for metal bending and cutting. Contact us today for a solution to your needs.