New 130mm Self Centering Vise & Accessories

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NEW 130mm Self Centering Vise & Accessories
Our newest design incorporates all the great features of our other industry leading self centering vises with the addition of a 130mm square base and wider master jaw that allows the holding of wider parts. The compact design is engineered as a perfect fit to the Fixture Pro System. Use the Drop and Lock locating and clamping feature or use locating pins and optional clamps to use in our QLC grid plate system. There won't be much you can't throw at this Low Profile vise.

Quick change jaws, no tools required 
Reversible Jaws 
Pull-down jaw design minimizes jaw lift 
Adjustable centerline, easy re-centering 
Versatile mounting options, compatible with the following popular platforms:

     o Jergens Fixture Pro – QLS (50mm pattern)

     o Jergens Fixture Pro – Drop & Lock (60mm pattern)

     o Jergens Quick Loc (52mm & 96mm patterns)

     o Lang Quick Point (52mm & 96mm patterns)

     o 5th Axis RockLock (52mm & 96mm patterns)

Standard vise includes Insert Jaws with serrated inserts
Vises can be ordered with alternate jaw types installed by adding the one of the following suffixes to a base part number:
     o -A for aluminum soft jaws
     o -S for steel soft jaws
     o -H for hardened step jaws

Additional jaw sets can be purchased separately
Includes hex wrench
Max clamping force: 3,600 lbs @ 50 ft*lbs


Jergens latest family of self-centering vises has been engineered to be the ideal solution for low profile five-axis workholding. Available in both 130mm and 75mm widths, they can accommodate a wide array of workpiece sizes. The quick change jaws incorporate a pull down feature to actively minimize jaw lift. Multiple jaw styles make this vise system configurable for most workholding needs, from first operation to finish work.

Clamping Force:

• 75mm vises: 3,500 lbs @ 50 ft*lbs

• 130mm vises: 3,600 lbs @50 ft*lbs

• Leadscrew features rolled trapezoidal threads for superior strength and durability

• Low friction surface treatment of critical components improves performance and reduces wear

• Adjustable centerline for easy re-centering


Jergens Inc
Jergens Inc., is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, world leader in manufacturing industrial workholding solutions, specialty fasteners and lifting hardware in Cleveland, Ohio.

Quick change fixturing
Jergens is a world leader in quick-change fixturing. Our industry-standard Ball-Lock Mounting System quickly and accurately locating fixtures on machine tables. Fixtures can often be exchanged in less than a minute and with position repeatability of +/-0.0005” (+/-0.013mm).
Multi-axis workholding
Our Universal Vise & Pallet provides a Universal Quick Change Solution - compatible with industry standard patterns. THe pallet & Vise mounts to all 3, 4, and 5 Axis VMC’s and HMC’s, rotary tables and tombstones

Kwik-Lok Pins
Jergens Kwik-Lok pins provide quick, easy positive engagement and high-holding strength for frequent and repetitive applications. We have over 6,000 standard items in stock and quick turnaround on special grip lengths, handles materials and ball configurations.
True-Lok Toggle Clamps
Jergens True-Lok Toggle Clamps are a top-quality clamping fasteners for a wide range of applications and industries. Our True-Lok Toggle clamps all meet competitors' specifications at a more affordable price.

Lift-Check Hoist Rings
Unlike any other hoist ring on the market, Lift-Check Hoist Rings feature a hex head cap screw visual tension indicator that changes color when it's safe to lift. These hoist rings eliminate timely calibration and ensure the utmost safety when lifting.
Shackle-Lok Hoist Rings
Shackle-Lok combines the strength of a hoist ring with the versatility of a shackle. This below-the-hook lifting device has a unique three-piece design, ideal for a variety of different lift methods with interchangeable shackles.