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Why and When to Choose a Custom Solution

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Why and When to Choose a Custom Solution
More parts produced in the same amount of time is a common interest for pretty much everyone in manufacturing. Meeting the increase in demand puts pressure on two things - your installed (machining) equipment base and operator skill level.

With a full analysis of those factors, Jergens Custom Design & Build can help determine the best way forward and the fastest return on investment.

Jergens custom solutions are designed based on your application and focuses on optimal machining - for as many pieces as possible that can be held simultaneously within the machining envelope. Key targest include greatest machiing access, maximum number of fixtured parts, minium changeover, and shortest cycle times.

The Process
We have identified six key milestones that custom workholding solutions go through. We offer these to share expectations and to help our customers plan for production and upcoming changes. All our custom solutions are a result of the collaboration with you. Your input on issues such as part configuration, material, tolerance requirement, and machining is the basis on which we build your solution. It all begins with a need, and then flows through the remaining steps:

Step 1: Identify the Need

  • Kickoff call or visit
  • Sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Step 2: The Concept

  • Jergens Technical Sales Manager initiates concept meeting
  • Budgetary quote prepared and submitted to the customer
  • Lead-time projection is provided

Step 3: Getting Started

  • Application Engineer engages with customer to finalize estimate with current lead time
  • Customer purchase order submitted

Step 4: Approval

  • Customer reviews and signs approval prints, and the order is released to manufacturing
  • The order acknowledgment is sent to the customer with current lead time
  • Proforma invoice sent for order deposit based on terms

Step 5: Manufacturing

  • Customer submits deposit, materials are ordered
  • Machining, assembly, testing, and quality control commence
  • Regular updates are provided to the customer

Step 6: Delivery

  • Jergens ships the complete Assembly after it passes every QC point
  • Jergens follows up with the customer to ensure a successful start
  • Partial payment at time of shipment and balance on terms


Take Your First Step!
The good news is you have a project, or the potential for a project, and you have considered the options for standard and custom workholding. We can help you with that decision, so Contact Us! 

The Anatomy - Starts with the Best Components
Our dedicated solutions have their foundation in five important Jergens workholding brands. The breadth and variety of these products make it possible to not have to rely on 100% custom build. That shortens lead times and instills confidence since each have a track record of success. Solutions are configured, modified and mated to deliver quick change, part accessibility, maximum number of parts, reliability and quality. From the machine bed to the top of the top tooling, Jergens products deliver.

Jergens Custom Design and Build capabilities are practically endless! Take a look at a variety of projects we've done in the past.

Custom Design & Build Frequently Asked Questions
Jergens manufacturing must plan production based upon current orders. This changes from day to day. Jergens will make every effort to meet quoted lead times. Lead time always begins at signed approval. Jergens does not begin manufacturing made-to-order specials until the signed approval prints are submitted. Your product requirements / needs may have changed from between the time of initial concept and final approval prints, those changes may affect lead time.