Low-cost, 3.5 µrad, tilt sensing solution

Product Announcement from Jewell Instruments, LLC

Jewell Instruments, LLC announces new Force-Balanced Low-Cost Emerald Series Inclinometers to their Inertial Sensors and Controls product line.

The Emerald series of servo inclinometers are new low cost, high precision sensors that are designed with higher accuracy than comparably priced MEMS sensors.  Jewell offers the inclinometer in a small rectangular design package which allows them to be installed in areas where there are space constraints.  The Emerald Series inclinometers can withstand up to 500g shock and offer single or dual power input.  Custom ranges and bandwidths are just a couple of the options available for these sensors.  The Emerald Series inclinometers can be used for a variety of industrial and railway applications including wheel alignment, construction equipment, antenna positioning, cross rail management, and tilt safety systems, just to name a few.

“Jewell is excited to introduce our new low-cost Emerald Series inclinometer product line,” said Brian Ward, Director of Business and Development for the Sensors and Controls product line.  “The Emerald Series is the first of many planned affordable sensor lines that we plan to introduce at Jewell Instruments.  These sensors can be used in a wide-variety of applications allowing price conscious customers a reliable high quality sensor without having to pay the higher traditional costs of inertial sensors or without having to sacrifice accuracy and ruggedness by using a MEMS sensor.”

Jewell Instruments Emerald Series Sensors can be purchased from any of our Manufacturer Representative’s located world-wide.  For a listing of representatives, visit our website or contact a Jewell Instruments Product Expert at sensors@jewellinstruments.com.

SMI-S, 0-5 V Output Datasheet

SMI-D, +/-5 V Output Datasheet

SMI-L, 4-20 mA Output Datasheet