Weatherproof, Precision Structure Monitoring

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The Tuff Tilt family can be used for test and measurement work requiring serial data communications, high precision, compact size and robustness. Among its standard features are 16-bit A/D resolution, onboard data logging, a real-time clock and measurement of temperature. User-selectable firmware commands include autozero, sampling frequency, low-pass filtering, and output data format. Several output formats are supported, including those compatible with popular GPS receivers. You can combine the Tuff Tilt with GPS for simultaneous measurement of displacement and tilt. We also offer wireless connectivity and tilt alarm capability for these devices. ZAGI graphical user-interface software is provided with each tiltmeter.

Digital Tuff Tilt Datasheet

4-20mA Tuff Tilt Datasheet

Analog (+/-5 or +/-10 VDC) Tuff Tilt Datasheet

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