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SUNKAIER thermol separation provids custom designed Evaporators and dryers on a worldwide basis. our experienced engineering staff averages over 20 years of service and strives every day to give our Customer's frst choice for Evaporation and drying technology.

the SUNKAIER Experience looks for the unique solution to custom design and engineer each Evaporator system.
This solution routinely handles diffcult liquors as follows:
• Heat sensitivity
• High viscosity
• High suspended solids
• organic or inorganic foulingHIPS-HIGH IMPACT POLYSTEYRENE
IPS technology is based on a continuous mass peroxide-initiated polymerization of styrene in a rubber-styrene solution.

Rubber, after being ground in a mill, is dissolved in styrene in a proper section and then added with chemicals and peroxide in a mixing section.

The mass reaction occurs in the presence of solvent. This mixture is thus fed to the polymerization section, generally composed by a sequence of two/three plug-?ow reactors; the reaction thermal profle is controlled by thermal oil circulating inside internal coils. The whole reaction section arrangement is custom designed case-by-case, in order to meet specifc requirements.

At the end of the reaction train, the polymer solution is sent to a devolatilization section, operated in two stages in series under vacuum conditions.
The monomer and low-boiling compounds are removed from the polymer, which is fnally sent to the pelletizing unit.
The heat is provided by a thermal oil system. The vapour mixture, recovered by the devolatilization section, is condensed and then continuously recycled to the mixing section. Non-condensed vapours/inert gases from the vacuum system and liquid organic purge from the condensation section are recovered as fuel in a furnace, where thermal oil for the process is heated

The finished polymer is pump to the pelletizing section to covert to pellets.