High Shear Mixer

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High Shear Mixer-Image

The high tangential velocity produced by high speed rotor, and the strong kinetic energy produced by high frequency mechanical effect, can make materials subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal squeezing, liquid layer friction, tearing, impacting, turbulence and other synthetic actions in narrow clearance between stator and rotor. Consequently, combined with mature processes and suitable additives, immiscible solid, liquid and gas phases can be dispersed and emulsified instantly. High frequency circulations will finally result in high quality and constant end products.

• Blending
• Emulsifying
• Homogenizing
• Hydrating
• Dissolving
• Powder/Liquid Mixing
• Deagglomerating
• Reclamation
• Particle Size Reduction
• Agitation
• Refining Edible Oils