Inline Cavitron Mill

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Cavitron mill consist of a series of concentric rings.As the medium enters the center chamber,it is compressed up to 10 bar at a rate of one-thousandth of a second and"explodes"outward into the next chamber.A series of nozzles break down the medium as it passes from chamber to chamber.These nozzles can be as small as 500 microns(.5mm),and the rotor/stator segments can meet up to 500 million time per second.This microcavitation leads to the treatment of the product by the energy transfer.


• Mixing                            

• Emulsification Solution

• Wet Milling                       

• Homogenizing

• Neutralization                    

• Catalytic-Reactions

• Polymerization                     

• Treating of Cells by Shearing

• Chemical Reactions                

• Inline Process of Cooking