3 Channels RF Rotary Joint

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

The HF rotary joint is a dual channel coax rotary joint that transmit analog and digital signal. It has a working frequency of DC-2.2 GHz. It supports single channel or multiple channel HF signal transmission, and hybrid transmission of HF signal, control signal, communication signal, power supply, and fluid etc. Small and light with compact design, it is easy to install. Coaxial cable and F type connector is used for the part. It can be applied in Satellite Antenna, Air Traffic Control Radar, Video Surveillance System, Communication System, and ECM (Electronics Countermeasure) System. With a high integration, it is also cost-effective with rapid delivery.



  • Channels:   Channel 1/ Channel 2         Channel 3
  • Working Frequency:   DC-2.2GHz           DC
  • VSWR, max:              2.0
  • VSWR Variation:          0.25
  • Insertion Loss, max:       2.5 dB (Typical Value 1.0dB)
  • Insertion Loss Variation:    0.25 dB
  • Isolation, min:              30 dB (Typical Value 1.0dB)
  • Peak Power, max:           500 W
  • Average Power, max:        5 W
  • Current:                     1.0 A               3.0 A
  • Voltage:                     0-24VDC           0-48VDC
  • Connector Type:             F (75Ω)            SMA
  • Working Speed, max:                60rpm
  • Working Temperature:             -20~+80°C
  • Storage Temperature:              -30~+85°C
  • Life:                                2 Million Turns

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