Coax Rotary Joints

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

LPHF and LPC-1C series means a group of coax rotary joints. This unit is employed in devices that rotate continuously, and transmit high frequency (up to 50GHz) and high-speed serial digital signal from stationary part to rotating part.


Excellent in shielded effects and anti-interference capacity

Integrated unit of high frequency and electric

Modular design and physical integration make it compact in structure

Available for separate transmission of single or multi-channel high frequency signals or integrated transmission of electrical signal (200 circuits at most) and high frequency

Simultaneous transmission of multiple signals or channels (4 at most) is supported

Ultra-low insertion loss, VSWR and phase-WOW (?1°)

Optional connector type


Long service life


No maintenance

Custom solution for hybrid rotary joint