Compact 80 Circuits Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

The high-precision slip ring is characterized by its small dimension, many rings, compact structure, high precision, and low electrical noise. For the third quarter of the year 2018, JINPAT has launched a capsule slip ring of 80 circuits with compact design. It has an outer diameter of 17.4mm and length of 50.8mm. Stainless steel housing with corrosion resistance gives a high intensity and hardness. The part has been handled to keep a reliable performance in high & low temperature. The super mini part transmits various signals with a starting torque of no more than 0.00006N.m.


  • Circuits: 80 ckt*1A
  • Voltage: 100V AC/DC
  • Outer Diameter: 17.4; Length: 50.8mm
  • Starting torque: ≤0.00006N.m
  • Rotor wires outlet is in lateral side, meeting different installation needs of customers
  • Working Speed: 0~300 rpm
  • Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C


  • Precise Instruments
  • Micro Equipment

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