Heat Shrink Tube Separate Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT separate slip ring adopts graphite brush and rotor with metal grooves. This contact method allows lower friction and thus enables smoother rotation.

SR-3P-F is a separate slip ring model features heat shrink tubes on both side of the plastic housing which helps to offer physical isolation and shielding for the wires. Thanks to such design, constant and stable rotation is gurantee without the concern of loosen wires. SR-3P-F can be applied in medical instrument such as shadowless lamp.


Features and advantages:

  • Graphite brush ensures smooth and stable rotation with low friction
  • Wire type: Teflon AWG17
  • Housing material: Engineer plastics
  • Environment humidity: 60RH%
  • Environment temperature: -0~+50
  • Heat shrink tube restricts wires and guarantees no intertwine of wires that may lead to malfunctioning of the device