High-current Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

          To design a dedicated slip ring for the platform winch, large current-carrying capacity is the main factor, which is considered in electricity transmission. As is required by the customer, JINPAT has recently accomplished a high-current slip ring that is possible to transmit 350A large current in 3 circuits. Furthermore, it can also withstand harsh environment with IP56 high protection level. There is no need of worrying about its operation in marine field. 380V high working voltage supports its feasibility in the application.


  • Circuit: 3 ckt*350A
  • Voltage: 380V AC
  • Dielectric Strength:≥1000V@50Hz between circuits
  • Insulation: ≥500MΩ@1000VDC
  • Working Speed: 0~1 rpm
  • Contact: Copper Graphite
  • Hole Dia: 350 mm
  • Working Humidity: ≤90%RH
  • Working Temperature:-10°C~+60°C


  • Marine Field
  • Winch

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