JINPAT Integrated Capsule Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

Innovations from tradition, slip rings from JINPAT Electronics have been further developed for use in aviation. Due to the different working conditions, the equipments used in different aviation environment have different requirements for vibration, explosion-proof, temperature and anti-corrosion. JINPAT fully lives up to these expectations.

 JINPAT aviation slip ring not only has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, good anti-electromagnetic interference performance and long lifespan, but also has many advantages such as high manufacturing precision and compact appearance. The slip ring integrates many circuits of current, 1 circuit of HD-SDI signals and 11 circuits of other signals. Using advanced stainless steel, it has the feature of high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it is manufactured in an advanced military standard process and uses gold to gold as contacts to ensure extremely low electrical noise during operation. All the above designs can make a significant contribution to the high stable transmission and safety of the devices.



  • Operating speed: 0-120rpmCurrent Rating: 6 circuits@2A; 2 circuits@4A; 1 circuit@HD-SDI signals; 11 circuits@other signals
  • Voltage Rating: 0-36VAC/DC
  • Dielectric Strength: Beyond 500V@50Hz
  • Insulation: Beyond 500mΩ@500VDC
  • Electrical noise: within 15 mΩ
  • Contact: Precious metal
  • Temperature: -45°C to +70°C