Marine Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

The carbon brush slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is a part loading large current with a high working voltage up to 4000VAC. It is an electrical slip ring that integrates 4 channels fiber optic rotary joints. The wavelength of its optical part is 1270/1610nm. The key point lies in its high protection level up to IP66. Such a slip ring is designed especially for marine field use. For more challenging needs, JINPAT is ready to provide a custom solution for the specific equipment.


  • Integrated unit of fiber optic part and carbon brush slip ring.
  • High protection level (IP66), excellent resiliency of outdoor installation.
  • High voltage with reliable electric performance.
  • Copper graphite contact, long life span.
  • Convenient maintenance with external window for regular cleaning.
  • Custom solution.

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