Plug-in Style Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

The longer the history of the company is, the more slip ring genres does it have. As an established corporation in the field, JINPAT Electronics have developed over 10,000 different slip ring models. Among these, there’s no lack of unique rotary joints. Moreover, in terms of the plug-in structure slip rings, they are rare in the market and exclusive to JINPAT Electronics. The plug-in style slip rings can be divided into two groups: the single plug-in slip ring and the multiple plug-ins slip ring.

JINPAT LPR-06-3R is a plug-in slip ring that consists of three parts. Both the connecting ends adopt plug-in style copper rings. So the model is named after such characteristic. This slip ring model has a very elegant slim figure with a max diameter of only 21mm. If classified by length, it belongs to the miniature slip ring genre. Its total length is 242mm (two copper ring ends included). And due to its limited size, this rotary joint can’t adopt pins as connectors. Instead, it adopts shrapnel and copper ring pair. Compared with pin connectors, the shrapnel-pin connectors have a larger contact surface.

Features and advantages:

1.       Gold-to-gold contact

2.       Housing material: engineering plastics

3.       Number of circuits: 6*1A

4.       Voltage: 37.5VDC

5.        Plug-in connectors, facilitate installation