Pneumatic Hydraulic & Electrical Rotary Joint

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT has launched a new rotary joint for transmission. It is an initiated stacked unit in domestic industry, transmitting various signals, such as strong current, Gigabit Ethernet, RS422, Rotary Transformer signal, Excitation signal, SPL video signal, and HD-SDI, as well as gas and liquid at one time. Three parts of gas/liquid, strong electric signal, and weak electric signal are transmitted independently with high reliability. Such a part is widely applied in military industry/ automation equipment requiring transmission of various signals.


Stable transmission of 1080P@30Hz HD video signal
Military level quality with vibration resistance
Adapt to harsh working environment with wide working temperature range(-40~+70°C)
Be able to be used for remote-controlled liquid cleaning, air drying and video surveillance
Long service life (over 10 million turns)
Easy installation and maintenance