Single-Channel High Frequency Slip Ring

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

JINPAT single-channel high frequency slip ring offers high frequency transmission solution between a fixed platform and a rotary platform, such as TV cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and radar systems. The slip ring allows signal transmission in the frequency range from DC up to 18GHz, and it can be integrated into the electrical slip ring to transmit power and high speed data. Designed with wide operating temperature range(-40°C~+70°C), the slip ring can also be adapted to extreme environments. As for its protection level, High protection grade can be customized as needed. Aside from the features above, the high frequency slip ring is identified as ease of installation, ease of maintenance and optimal life.


Connector type: SMA-K

Frequency range: DC-18GHz

Insertion Loss: within 0.3dB

VSWR: within 1.4

Working speed: 100RPM

Lifespan: 5 million