Slip Rings for Swivelling Solar Panels

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

How to make the solar panels adjust according to the specific angle of the solar motion, so that the solar panels are vertically disposed directly below the sun, to avoid the waste of solar energy, improving the conversion efficiency of solar energy, and allowing the light to directly illuminate the solar panels. Maximize the use of light energy.

 JINPAT’s rotary joint provide various solutions for renewable and alternative energy applications. JINPAT’s rotary union designed to provide rotational movement to collector piping in a parabolic trough concentrated solar power (CSP) field. Features include a specialized high temperature packing sealing system, internal corrosion-resistant bearings, and a customer-specified design for direct welding to the piping system.

We can also provide turn key solutions in to move solar panels 360 degrees to optimise the position of the solar panels. Products include electrical slip ring, encoder and drives.