Through-Bore Slip Ring with Advanced Design

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

As to through bore slip ring, JINPAT can meet more challenges with scientific and special design. Such a high-precision unit integrates electricity and high frequency. Special construction and manufacturing technique permit its independence and anti-interference between the two kinds of signals transmission. With a reliable transmission, it takes the leading position with originality in its field.


  • A high-precision unit
  • Be able to transmit power, common signal, CAN signal, analog signal, synchronizing signal and high definition video signal simultaneously
  • A part integrating HF rotary joint, certified by a series of stringent in-house tests and acknowledged by customers with a stable and reliable signal transmission
  • Flying lead connector supports a quick plug-in
  • Stable transmission with no surge kind interference or data package loss
  • Light and compact, it lowers the weight of the whole set of machine
  • Easy to install
  • Custom solution