Ultra-Long Life Slip Ring with Liquid Metal

Featured Product from JINPAT Electronics

The service life of a slip ring is a factor influencing the slip ring selection. To meet the specific requirement, JINPAT has launched an ultra-long life slip ring with a high rotating speed. Specifically, it is a liquid metal slip ring, which is characterized by minor loss and micro fluctuation value. As for signal transmission, it has the capability of transmitting more than 10 kinds of special signals. At present, such kind of slip ring of 1 circuit has gone through the test, which is delivered to the customer. Also, 2-circuit part is also in development in preparation of the material.


  • Transmit more than 10 kinds of signals
  • High rotating speed: 2000 rpm
  • Ultra-long service life: 1 billion revolutions
  • Reliable performance
  • Small fluctuation value
  • Minor loss


  • Military Machinery Equipment
  • Rotary Platform
  • Automatic Equipment

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