Frick's Premium-Level Evaporative Condenser

Featured Product from Johnson Controls / FRICK / YORK PROCESS SYSTEMS

The ECOSS Stainless Steel Evaporative Condenser from Frick delivers a lifetime of cost savings:

  • Easier installation with less weight than galvanized steel
  • Easy access to components for reduced maintenance hours and costs
  • Exceptional resistance to white rust and corrosive elements
  • Highly efficient direct-drive fan options lower energy consumption, increased reliability
  • Effective life span double that of conventional evaporative condensers
  • Significantly reduced annual operating costs
  • Up to 70% savings in total life-cycle costs

If you're looking to build a new facility, particularly in a remote location, you need to consider water usage restrictions, source-water quality, discharge permits and which chemicals are allowed at the prospective site prior to making any decision. Why? Because all of those factors can have a significant impact on the installation costs, efefctiveness, maintenance requirements and life span of the evaporative cooling system that keeps your building and your workers operating at peak efficiency.

The ECOSS stainless steel design has been proven in the most remote locations, where water quality is often an issue and the availability of water treatment facilities is limited.

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