XLP3 Forced Draft Evaporative Condenser

Featured Product from Johnson Controls / FRICK / YORK PROCESS SYSTEMS

XLP3 Forced Draft Evaporative Condenser – The Maintenance Worker’s Dream. The performance you demand. The ease of maintenance you never thought possible.

The FRICK® XLP3 Forced Draft Evaporative Condenser not only delivers maximum uptime with the lowest installation, maintenance and operating costs, it does so with a dramatic new dimension of accessibility.

Contractors and end users made it clear that improving maintenance accessibility was high on their wish list. In the past, small doors, confined space, and water basins with a full sump area made access, maneuvering, maintenance and repairs difficult.

At 68” tall and 20” wide, the XLP3 Evaporative Condenser features the largest door and the easiest access in the industry. Fans are at air inlets, simplifying servicing and maintenance. A smaller sump area and an internal walkway eliminate the need for changing shoes. All that, plus the superior performance you expect from FRICK technology.  

Single-cell models with EC technology are shown, go to page 10 for model table. Multicell units (10’x24’, 10’x36’, 12’x24’ and 12’x36’) and belt-drive models are also available. Complete, up-to-date engineering data, free product selection software and more can be found at www.frickcoolware.com.

XLP3 is the Right Choice – Here’s Why

Maximum Uptime and Peak Reliability The XLP3’s robust and durable design offers increased reliability, enhanced corrosion protection and greater longevity, as well as the ability to perform in – and withstand – the toughest conditions. The XLP3 features both a completely redesigned belt-drive and a new direct-drive fan system with EC technology, as well as optional redundant pumps.

Lowest Installation Costs Time is money. So is labor. With the XLP3, preassembled platform options reduce onsite labor requirements, while ensuring on-time commissioning. Plus, the unit’s industrial-strength rigidity allows you to align the upper section to the lower section in less than 15 minutes per cell. And single-point wiring means fast, easy field installation for more time savings.

Easiest and Safest Accessibility The industry’s largest access door (capable of accommodating a 6’ 5” worker) features a sturdy step and access handle for added security when entering and exiting. Moreover, the unit features ground level access to the drive system, as well as a sturdy internal walkway across the entire length of the basin, allowing workers to stay safe and dry. Plus, FRICK offers the industry’s most configurable OSHA-compliant modular platforms to meet your specific site requirements.

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