DigiGauss DG1- Digital Field Indicator.

Product Announcement from Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

DigiGauss DG1- Digital Field Indicator.-Image

The DigiGauss is the future of magnetometers and on the cutting edge of technology within NDT sector - While still retaining similar physical dimensions to that of the older deflection type field indicators, the DigiGauss boasts several unique selling points over older type indicators. 

  • Full colour 160 x 128 OLED display—with adjustable brightness

  • Retro deflection needle mode—readings in 0.1G 
    increments, range ±20 G

  • Digital display mode—Large numerical values displayed in 0.1G increments

  • Gauss trip—background becomes red to clearly notify 
    operator when a reading exceeds 2, 5 or a user defined Gauss value

  •  Battery gauge function—uses easily to obtain AAA

  • batteries and  supplied with 2 x 1.5V batteries as standard

  • Small hand-held unit—electronic unit not damaged by excessive overloads like mechanical units

  • Zero function—negate internal residual magnetism 
    associated with using indicator in strong fields 

  • Fully calibrated, certified and supplied with zero 
    chamber—digitally display last calibration date and serial number

  • Supplied in a foam-fitted case as standard with the option to upgrade to a splash proof version