Acme and Stub Acme Machine Screw Bearing Blocks

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Bearing Blocks
Every screw assembly requires a means of supporting the rotational axis of the screw and absorbing radial and axial force components. Joyce provides a line of bearing block supports for screw and nut assemblies. Standard supports are available for Ball screws, Acme and Stub Acme machine screws, and Metric (trapezoidal) screws. Our bearing mounts are sealed and greased at the factory. They are suited for high duty cycle conditions. Scroll down to read more about bearing blocks.*

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Machine Screw Bearing Blocks
Ball Screw Bearing Blocks
Metric Screw Bearing Blocks

*Note: Bearing blocks used in screw & nut assemblies may not be rated for the same static load as the screws or nuts with which they are used. Contact Joyce/Dayton to verify that bearing blocks are adequately sized for the required loads

Simple Single Bearing Supports (SB) - a deep groove radial ball bearing.

  • Simple radial supports
  • Designed for radial loads only
  • Float of bearing in the housing allows for thermal shaft expansion
  • Predrilled for face or foot mounting


Simple Double Bearing Supports (DB) - a set of angular contact bearings.

  • Simple support
  • Designed to support a combination of radial and axial loads
  • Predrilled for face or foot mounting
  • Industry standard for interchangeability


Fixed Double Bearing Supports (FB) - a set of spaced angular contact bearings.Fixed bearing supports increase angular dynamic system stiffness.

  • Allow greater compressive column strength
  • Increase effective length of column and critical speed capability of system
  • Designed to support a combination of radial and axial loads
  • Predrilled for foot mounting
  • Predrilled taper pin reaming to suit final assembly


Contact Joyce application engineers with your requirements today. We have experience specifying jacks and systems for cold temperature applications. Our experts can customize jacks and systems to meet your specific requirements.

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Joyce/Dayton Corp., the premier manufacturer of Screw Jacks, Actuators, and Lifting Equipment in North America, has remained in continuous operation since it was established in 1873. Our long history of designing and manufacturing high quality products is unparalleled in the industry. Joyce Engineers are tenured and have the expertise needed to develop innovative solutions for today’s customers.

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Joyce/Dayton screw jacks and electric cylinders are routinely used to:

  • Maintain adjustment of large rolls in steel mill operations
  • Adjust conveyor height in machinery
  • Move and support huge structural elements used in municipal projects
  • Operate maintenance and material lifts for many industries
  • Stabilize and deploy equipment used in heavy mining and drilling operations
  • Operate gantry systems for dockside and other operations
  • Provide linear motion solutions in industrial applications worldwide 


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Joyce/Dayton offers more than a catalog of standard products. Fundamental to our longevity and success in business is the commitment Joyce/Dayton makes to quality and service. Choose Joyce for quality industrial screw jacks, actuators and systems. Experience our unmatched Customer Service Support.

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