Motor Starters –Simple to Sophisticated

Featured Product from Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Joyce/Dayton can provide the controls you need, whether it is a simple motor starter with momentary push button operation, or a sophisticated positioning or synchronizing system.

Motor Starters: Motor starters are the heart of a basic control system for motorized jacks, actuators, and electric cylinders. They include extend and retract push buttons for momentary operation and an illuminated power-on light lets operators easily determine if there is power to the system.

Variable Speed Positioning Systems (VSPS): Variable speed positioning systems are programmable controllers that increase the capability of motorized jacks and actuators by allowing the operator to easily program up to ten stopping positions. They include a VFD, PLC and an HMI display that indicates current position as well as stopping location.

Linear Actuator Controls: Joyce offers a variety of control options for linear actuators and small horsepower systems, These include single phase AC and DC motor controls for a variety of actuators.

Custom Controls: Joyce custom control systems are a vital part of lifting, leveling, and synchronizing systems. We have been designing systems to meet customer's specific requirements for decades. Whatever your requirements Joyce Dayton engineers have a solution. Contact us today!


SolidWorks™ 3D Modeling Program

With Joyce's interactive 3D modeling you can now configure, view online and download 3D models of Joyce/Dayton products directly into your designs.
It's easy, too. Just log in and select a jack category to access the basic model, configure the model in real time and download the model for inclusion in your CAD drawing. The interactive 3D Models are created with SolidWorks™ 3D PartStream modeling program.