Motor Starters –Simple to Sophisticated

Featured Product from Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Joyce/Dayton can provide the controls you need, whether it is a simple motor starter with momentary push button operation, or a sophisticated positioning or synchronizing system.

Motor Starters: Motor starters are the heart of a basic control system for motorized jacks, actuators, and electric cylinders. They include extend and retract push buttons for momentary operation and an illuminated power-on light lets operators easily determine if there is power to the system.

Variable Speed Positioning Systems (VSPS): Variable speed positioning systems are programmable controllers that increase the capability of motorized jacks and actuators by allowing the operator to easily program up to ten stopping positions. They include a VFD, PLC and an HMI display that indicates current position as well as stopping location.

Linear Actuator Controls: Joyce offers a variety of control options for linear actuators and small horsepower systems, These include single phase AC and DC motor controls for a variety of actuators.

Custom Controls: Joyce custom control systems are a vital part of lifting, leveling, and synchronizing systems. We have been designing systems to meet customer's specific requirements for decades. Whatever your requirements Joyce Dayton engineers have a solution. Contact us today!


Design Tip for Engineers and Designers

Work smart and save a ton of time. Register today to use Joyce's JAX Online software. This unique software allows you to size jacks to your specifications and then lay out a complete system. It even generates technical data sheets.

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Use JAX Online to:

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JAX Online is just one more example of how Joyce/Dayton is committed to providing designers and engineers with the tools they need to succeed.

JAX Online tool is easy to use - see for yourself!

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