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The essential knowledge needed for gear design

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To design gears, it is necessary to have technical knowledge of gears as mechanical element. This is true even when using already designed standard gears.

Among the required knowledge are various formulas for calculating gear strengths and sizes, knowledge regarding the gear types and specialized vocabulary, gear train's speed ratios and rotational directions, teeth forms and teeth thicknesses, backlashes, precision classes of ISO and AGMA, the accuracy of gear assembly, materials and heat treating which are mainly related to hardness, lubrication in applications, how to ameliorate problems related to noise and breakage, geometric tolerances and special geometric symbols used in mechanical drawings, etc.

Starting with the level of user's knowledge, it is necessary to offer multiple levels of technical data in order to successively understand more advanced knowledge regarding the topics listed above. Accordingly KHK has prepared the following four kinds of PDF formatted data. For knowledge that cannot be explained by the four kinds of technical data, we have added separate Q&A sections divided into fields of manufacturing, technology and products. 

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