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Applications to increase understanding of gears

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Gear Applications to increase understanding of gears

We introduce many gear applications on this page. In order to effectively use gears in mechanical designs, it is necessary to have ideas and experiences besides having the knowledge of strength and size calculations and understanding of mechanical drawings.

You can see from the following videos many uses of spur gears, internal gears, racks, bevel gears, screw gears and worm gears. They show applications in stirring, measuring, cutting and differential mechanisms, and one can grasp the images of these usages. The variations in power transmission directions such as between parallel shafts, linear motion, intersecting shafts, non-intersecting shafts, etc., can be seen.

Actual selection of gears requires consideration of many elements such as choice of materials, necessity for tooth grinding to improve accuracy, need for heat treating to increase strength, surface finish requirement, etc., but, for now, it would be sufficient to learn the mechanical design and how to apply gears by looking at these application examples.