6 lit/min Liquid Diaphragm Pump has Pulseless Flow

Featured Product from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

KNF's miniature NF liquid pumps are now available up to 6 liters/min. The new NF600 pump uses four diaphragms connected to a single eccentric in a star configuration. Because the pumping cycles are 90° out of phase, characteristics include smooth flow, low vibration, quiet operation and compact size. The pump has a nominal flowrate and is capable of transporting media against back pressures of up to 15 psig. DC, brushless DC and AC motors are available.

Because no tubing is used, pump failure due to tubing fatigue or rupture is eliminated. Featuring corrosion-resistant PP/PVDF/FFPM/PTFE envelope that can handle acids, caustics and other difficult materials in addition to neutral media. Self-priming, they can run dry indefinitely or used for low-outgas sample transfer. Applications include medical diagnostic analyzers, process samplers, water treatment, probe washers, fuel cells, and ink-jet printers, and for portable instruments where low current, consumption and reliability are necessary.