Four New Industrial Vacuum/Compressor Pumps

Featured Product from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

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The new KNF N 630 diaphragm pump series performance includes vacuum down to 0.74 inHg (25 mbar abs) and lower; positive pressure up to 174 psig (12 bar rel); flow rates up to 2.4 CFM (68 l/min). These pumps can be used at ambient and media temperatures from 41°F – 140°F with an added water head-cooling system for the higher end temperatures. Constructed with chemically-resistant flowpath materials, with no seals to wear out and no oil to maintain or dispose. Set speed/performance with IP-55 motors rated for use with variable frequency drives. An optional gas-tightness upgrade is available to further ensure gas retention and to prevent air intrusion. An optional safety back-up diaphragm upgrade for additional containment protection is also available. Applications include industrial cooling systems, gas recycling, gas and emissions measurement/analysis and leak detection across a wide variety of industries, from chemical processing and energy to physics research.