Miniature Liquid Pump for Inkjet Printers

Product Announcement from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Liquid diaphragm pumps provide consistent, reliable operation over their lifetime, eliminating tubing fatigue or failure. Featuring corrosion-resistant PVDF/FFPM/PTFE envelope, they can handle acids, caustics and other difficult materials. Self-priming, they will run dry indefinitely.

A patented valve system ensures that the flow-to-motor speed curve remains linear to offer an ideal solution for simple dosing applications, including medical devices, fuel cells, inkjet printers, semiconductors, cleaning and disinfectant devices, and water treatment, among others.

The NF25 pump additionally integrates a unique anti-cavitation chamber on the inlet side to promote extremely quiet operation, higher flow, and fewest air bubbles in the pumped liquid. Flows to 0.25 l/min, self-prime to 9 in. Hg, and continuous pressure to 14.5 psig can be achieved.

Standard versions are offered with brush DC, ironless core DC, or a 4-wire brushless DC motor (recommended for longer and maintenance-free service life and advanced control possibilities).

NF25 pumps can serve as reliable replacements for peristaltic, gear, syringe, or piston pumps and can be installed in any position close to the desired pumping function. Their tight construction eliminates leakage and corrosion-resistant materials protect against harsh media.

Standard accessories include shock mounts, hose and electrical connectors, valves and filters. . OEMS can further tailor pump to application by choosing from a wide range of enhanced performance levels and testing criteria Custom solutions are encouraged to meet particular demands.

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