SC950 Wireless Vacuum Pump System

Product Announcement from KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Same smart design, now with more power. KNF Lab's new, exclusive wireless SC950 series vacuum pump system, which brings fast and precise processing, extremely quiet operation and easy regulation of all vacuums, with wireless remote control. The wireless touchscreen remote provides full operation of the pump's different operating modes and functions, allowing for flexibility, operation outside the fume hood, and optimal use of lab space.

Controller-managed vacuum pump systems have become indispensable in the laboratory. They provide precise vacuum and offer many control functions for a wide variety of laboratory applications. The new SC950 speed-regulated vacuum pump system can be remotely operated from its portable terminal to ensure maximum flexibility in the laboratory.

An innovation in control and flexibility

  • Short process times
  • High accuracy
  • High recovery rates even for low boiling point solvents

Thanks to RF remote control you no longer have to set up the vacuum pump system within sight of the process apparatus in order to operate the system. For example, the pump system can be stowed beneath the work surface in lab furniture or can be located in a safety cabinet with no annoying cable feedthroughs. Locating the pump system away from the lab bench or a busy work area creates a safer work environment by protecting glassware from accidental breakage and reducing contact with potentially hazardous chemicals.

Get in touch with remote operation

The intuitive user guidance on the portable terminal ensures ease of operation, allowing the process parameters to be entered using a touchscreen and a rotary knob:

  • Pressure unit
  • Operating language
  • Operating mode
  • Parameters such as setpoint pressure or suction capacity for the system are entered directly using the rotary knob

First class pumps for first class science

  • Wireless remote control for more flexibility in the lab
  • Intelligent speed control
  • Automatic sensing of the boiling point
  • Fast process time
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated gas ballast valve
  • Increased safety
  • Accurate pressure control

Four operating modes to meet your needs

  • Evacuate: The vacuum pump system evacuates a vacuum chamber with adjustable pump capacity.
  • Pressure control: The vacuum pump system controls the system pressure to the value you set.
  • Automatic: The vacuum pump system automatically finds the vapor pressure of the sample. If there are any irregularities in the pressure curve, the vacuum pump system adjusts the process pressure accordingly.
  • Individual pressure function: The vacuum pump system controls the process according to a user-defined pressure curve.

A greener lab

With companies increasingly focused on sustainability, selecting products that eliminate waste and save energy is becoming even more important. The SC950 wireless remote controls all system functions from outside your fume hood resulting in a significant HVAC energy savings. In addition, the combined effect of the inlet separator and the outlet condenser allow for near complete solvent recovery.

The intelligent control solution

A pressure sensor measures the actual pressure in the system several times per second. The microprocessor monitors any pressure drop over time adjusting the pump speed automatically.

Stay on top of control from your laptop

Included with the SC950 is Windows®-based software, which also supports operation of the system over a PC. In addition to the options offered by the hand terminal, the software also supports the display of the pressure curves as a chart (setpoint/actual shown). This chart can be saved and the data exported to spreadsheets or text files.