KPPA-22.5-3GDPFH-2PK Dual Pol Feed Horn Antenna

Featured Product from KP Performance Antennas

The KPPA-22.5-3GDPFH-2PK 3 GHz dual-polarized feed horn reflector dish antennas are the ideal solution for point-to-point and customer premises equipment (CPE) applications. They are also a better alternative to traditional flat panel antennas. This 3 GHz feed horn antenna has an adjustable bracket that allows for vertical/horizontal or ±45-degree slant polarization schemes and delivers 22.5 dBi gain. These feedhorn antennas operate in the 3.3-3.8 GHz frequency range and provides VSWR as low as 1.5:1. It can be used with radios from Cambium, UBNT, MikroTik or any other 3 GHz dual-connectorized radio.

These feed horn reflector dish antennas deliver a 32 dB front-to-back and port isolation greater than 30 dB and cross-polarization discrimination greater than 20 dB. This 23" dish antenna features two Type-N female connectors and a J-arm pole mount. These antennas are built to sustain high-winds and resist sun-fade and rusting. They can also be special ordered with a company logo added to the dish face.


  • 2-Pack Box
  • Powder coated to prevent salt and sun fade
  • Sleek design, allowing these to be installed on clients homes for a higher gain
  • Low wind loading for mounting on towers for point to point shots
  • This dish can also utilize a Canopy Claw mount, Nanostation and Loco radio mounts.

Frequency Range: 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz

Polarization Type: H/V or 45 Deg. Slant

Gain: 22.5 dBi

Vertical Beamwidth: 12.3°

Horizontal Beamwidth: 12.3°

F/B Ratio: 32 dB

VSWR: 1.5:1

Cross Polar Ratio: 25 dB

Port Isolation: 20 dB

Connector Type: 2 x Type N Female