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SAM 4.0 Control for Multi-Blower Installations

Featured Product from Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

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Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager (SAM) 4.0 brings Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to the blower world with its adaptive control, data storage, analysis, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance capabilities. Its powerful intelligence boosts energy efficiency and generates savings, all while ensuring a reliable supply of process air.

SAM 4.0’s robust communications capabilities allow seamless integration into plant control/SCADA systems and tie blowers together into a secure Sigma Network. SAM 4.0 analyzes operating data, simulates possible responses, and selects the most efficient option—all within a manner of seconds—to optimally match air production to system demand. The result is an entirely new level of energy efficiency. 

Moreover, SAM 4.0 enables predictive maintenance with its built-in maintenance reminders and messaging capabilities. These features not only boost operational reliability, but also significantly reduce energy costs.

With its user-friendly 12-inch color touch screen, SAM 4.0 shows at a glance operating status, pressure history, power consumption, and error messages—and all in real time. Advanced networking capabilities enable remote monitoring and mean data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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